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The Rimworlds Sector was the setting for my first Traveller campaign - long before I had heard of A. Bertram Chandler's series of novels. In all, I developed six subsectors of the Rimworlds Sector in some depth, as well as working out generally what the rest of the Sector looked like. Early on, I had decided that the Rimworlds Sector was rimward of the Spinward March, as published by GDW, for the simple reason that I was then able to use Official Traveller Universe material as I chose.

I was a little put out to later discover that the sector rimward of the OTU Spinward March had been developed as the Trojan Reaches Sector.

My friend Chris was developing his own sector at about the same time as I was and eventually we decided that our two sectors were adjacent to each other. Chris also came up with a cunning idea which enabled us to retain our link with the Spinward March, without violating other canonical developments, by moving our sectors into the Veil.

The Rimworlds Sector

Aemilor SubsectorRiinu SubsectorKaorin SubsectorBerimar's Sceptre Subsector
Nantarn SubsectorDaltharmai SubsectorGazolan SubsectorThurgandarn Subsector
Per Vulia SubsectorLymethius SubsectorGamelea SubsectorNolgor Subsector
Entorth SubsectorCabria SubsectorMiazan SubsectorGazul Subsector

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