The Cabria Subsector

Hex No.PlanetUPPBasesPBGTradeAlg.Stellar Data
0103PythorC-434430-5Nil623NiNAF7 V
0105AnothA-443798-DSAN324PoSAF5 VI M2 D
0106Par VeraA-5869BA-ESAN701HiSAF4 D
0107EurlD-9C5310-6Nil600Ni/Fl/LoNAF7 V M5 VI
0108AwakeaD-536633-6Nil123NiHKF4 V G4 IV
0109KhekheawaohA-120676-CHKN524NA/Ni/Po/DeHKM3 V
0202KlearoE-242547-8Nil900Ni/PoNAK4 VI M5 D
0205NutharalA-1408A9-BNN/NS500De/PoKNF0 D
0206WithorC-241797-9Nil313PoNAF2 VI M5 D
0207JuchisC-635322-9Nil823Lo/NiNAK7 V
0209HeaohwiyE-210888-7Nil533NAHKF2 VI
0210WyernE-769699-2Nil714Ni/RiNAG1 V
0303NairdX-9666C7-2Nil622Ag/NiNAF5 VI
0304BrolB-427645-9NN511NiKNF7 VI M8 D
0308Gyven's WorldC-450435-7Nil401De/Ni/PoNAM2 VI
0401Paddox IVC-400000-0Nil011BaNAF5 V F6 D
0502GyffdC-493243-ANil401Lo/NiNAF6 V M6 D
0506YuarB-647973-CYN102Hi/InNAF5 V M2 D
0609SuaryaA-574788-ARN101AgHRF4 VI M2 D
0610BreknorD-262885-6RS101RiHRF6 VI
0701Loa-WiA-200898-BKWN513NA/VaKWK9 V
0703GaidonB-778962-9KWN220Hi/InKWF6 VI G8 D
0705Lo-TaisangC-45657C-9S201Ag/NiImF3 D
0707HorrockD-469420-6S300NiNAF6 V M8 D
0708WaystarC-100897-9Nil600NA/VaNAM5 V K4 D
0802TonivarC-200544-8S821Ni/VaImM3 V M6 V
0803YolurlundA-342568-CKWN723Ni/PoKWF3 D

Alliance Codes: DC = Dathynan Concordance; GR = Geithurian Republic; HA = Huiha Ahtaokye; HE = Huiha Esoyatre; HK = Huiha Khysokhou; HL = Hegemony of Lotarf; HR = Hunt of Rronurl; HW = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye; Im = Imperium; Ka = Kamperel Republic; KN = Khedivate of Nutharal; KW = Kalar-Wi; NA = Non-Aligned; SA = Hand of Ssra'Ka Aissr; VN = Voivodate of Naos

Base Codes: GN = Geithurian Republic Naval Base; GS = Geithurian Republic Scout Base; HAN = Huiha Ahtaokye Naval Base; HEN = Huiha Esoyatre Naval Base; HES - Huiha Esoyatre Scout Base; HKN = Huiha Khysokhou Naval Base; HLN = Hegemony of Lotarf Naval Base; HWN = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye Naval Base; N = Imperial Naval Base; S = Imperial Scout Base; N/S = Imperial Naval and Scout Base; KN = Kamperelian Naval Base; KS = Kamperelian Scout Base; KWN = Kalar-Wi Naval Base; Nil = No Significant Base; NN = Nutharal Naval Base; NS = Nutharal Scout Base; RN = Hunt of Rronurl Naval Base; RS = Hunt of Rronurl Scout Base; SAN = Ssra'Ka Aissr Naval Base; T = Tallu Naval Base; VNN = Voivodate of Naos Naval Base; VNS = Voivadate of Naos Scout Base; ZNS = Zoni Naval and Scout Base, Lur; YN = Yuar Naval Base

Trade Classifications: Ag = Agricultural; As = Asteroid Belt; Ba = Barren World; De = Desert World; Fl = Fluid Oceans; Ic = Ice Capped; In = Industrial; Hi = Hi Population; Lo = Low Population; NA = Non-Agricultural; Ni = Non-industrial; Po = Poor; Ri = Rich; Va = Vaccuum; Wa = Water World

Cabria Subsector Map

The Cabria subsector contains twenty-seven worlds with a total population of 13.198 billion sophonts. The highest population, 9, is at Par Vera, Yuar and Gaidon, and the highest Tech Level, E, is at Par Vera.

Only Lo-Taisang and Tonivar belong to the Imperium and are considered part of the Duchy of Miazan; thirteen worlds belong to no interstellar polity, either due to choice, as in the case of the Droyne colony world of Yuar or the Human colony of Waystar, or due to poverty or lack of technology; and twelve worlds belong to either the Aslan-dominated Huiha Khysokhou, the Vargr-dominated Hunt of Rronurl, Kalar-Wi, the Human-dominated Khedivate of Nutharal, or the Tsalur-dominated Hand of Ssra'Ka Aissr.

Most planets in the Cabria subsector, apart from the Kalar-Wi worlds, have been, or still are, members of the Outrim Alliance and have been involved in various of the Outrim Wars.

Cabria Subsector is home to four Minor Races; the humanoid Kiang of Gaidon, the octopedal desert-dwelling Ly-ly of Gyven's World, the diminutive Gdemiar of Naird, and the hexapedal Ta'tero of Wyern. Purvions from Lithia/Miazan established colonies at Pythor and Klearo during the Long Night.

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