The Miazan Subsector

Hex No.PlanetUPPBasesPBGTradeAlg.
0204Omega Vasalai IXC-200337-7S711Ni/VaIm
0502Byer's PlanetB-110410-AS122NiIm

Alliance Codes:DC = Dathynan Concordance; GR = Geithurian Republic; HA = Huiha Ahtaokye; HE = Huiha Esoyatre; HK = Huiha Khysokhou; HL = Hegemony of Lotarf; HR = Hunt of Rronurl; HW = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye; Im = Imperium; Ka = Kamperel Republic; KN = Khedivate of Nutharal; KW = Kalar-Wi; NA = Non-Aligned; SA = Hand of Ssra'ka Aissr; VN = Voivodate of Naos

Base Codes:GN = Geithurian Republic Naval Base; GS = Geithurian Republic Scout Base; HAN = Huiha Ahtaokye Naval Base; HEN = Huiha Esoyatre Naval Base; HES - Huiha Esoyatre Scout Base; HKN = Huiha Khysokhou Naval Base; HLN = Hegemony of Lotarf Naval Base; HWN = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye Naval Base; N = Imperial Naval Base; S = Imperial Scout Base; N/S = Imperial Naval and Scout Base; KN = Kamperelian Naval Base; KS = Kamperelian Scout Base; KWN = Kalar-Wi Naval Base; Nil = No Significant Base; NN = Nutharal Naval Base; NS = Nutharal Scout Base; RN = Hunt of Rronurl Naval Base; RS = Hunt of Rronurl Scout Base; SAN = Ssra'ka Aissr Naval Base; T = Tallu Naval Base; VNN = Voivodate of Naos Naval Base; VNS = Voivadate of Naos Scout Base; ZNS = Zoni Naval and Scout Base, Lur; YN = Yuar Naval Base

Trade Classifications: Ag = Agricultural; As = Asteroid Belt; Ba = Barren World; De = Desert World; Fl = Fluid Oceans; Ic = Ice Capped; In = Industrial; Hi = Hi Population; Lo = Low Population; NA = Non-Agricultural; Ni = Non-industrial; Po = Poor; Ri = Rich; Va = Vaccuum; Wa = Water World

Miazan Subsector Map

The Miazan subsector contains seventeen worlds with a total population of 65.6777 billion sophonts. The highest population, A, is at Kamperel, and the highest Tech Level, D, is at Golus and Janda.

Most planets in the Miazan subsector belong to the Imperium.

Three planets; Kamperel, Florana and Ektra, have been forged into an interstellar state under the Van Zaquerl dynasty of Kamperel. Previously a member state of the Outrim Coalition, Kamperel remains hostile to the Imperium.

Lithia is an non-aligned world that has established strong commercial links with the Imperium through the pharmaceutical industry.

Huop is a non-aligned world that has been essentially settled and developed by three Imperial mega-corporations. It remains vulnerable to incursions by Outrim raiders.

Miazan Subsector is home to two Minor Races; the humanoid Olkathi of the deserts of Golus and the ursoid Purvions of the rain forests of Lithia.

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