Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


A collection of scenarios set in the Rimworlds sector. Please feel free to adapt or change them as you wish.

SandpitGrey Dawn

Classic Scenarios from 'Grim Reaper' magazine.

Rock the Kasbah


Rock the Kasbah

Five to six Player Characters, on their way to somewhere else, get involved in the Case of the Missing Anthropologist on the desert world of Golus/Miazan. The Traveller scenario for the New Zealand National Wargames Convention (Natcon) 1986, 'Rock the Kasbah' was written the night before the convention when I discovered I was one of the convention Umpires! It is a very loose scenario for up to eight Player Characters and is set on the desert world Nikon/Nolgor.

Grey Dawn

Five to eight Player Characters, working on the barren mining world of Janda/Miazan, become involved in the attempted looting of an archaeological site.

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