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Characters and NPCs

A collection of characters and NPCs. Some of the characters are currently active in games hosted by other Games Masters, while the NPCs are mostly from my RimWorlds campaign.

CharactersNon-Player Characters
Akaiin Esaarti - MGT Agent/ThiefFelon File - a collection of Classic Traveller criminals
Balziac Gervaisor - Book 7 MerchantPirate Crew - the crew of the Hevvekii, Classic Traveller Supplement 4
Ahkalhyo Ftakhawehah - Aslan SpacerAslan - Alien Module 1 Classic Traveller

Akaiin EsaartiBalziac GervaisorAhkalhyo Ftakhawehah
Akaiin Esaarti is my first Mongoose Traveller (MGT) character and was created for a Play by Email (PBeM) game run on the Spinward Traveller Yahoo Group. Being unfamiliar with the rules, I made a couple of mistakes during his creation, mainly around skills acquired during a term where a character changes careers. Still, it was great to finally use the new rules-set to create a character with a game in mind. Balziac Gervaisor is the first LBB Classic Traveller character I've rolled up for myself to play in years. Created for a Classic Traveller PBeM game, 'Hidden Claw', that spun off from the Classic Traveller Yahoo group, Balziac was intended to be the pilot of the group. So, instead, I rolled up an Engineer. I have always wanted to play one of the alien races in Traveller, but have never had the chance. When Brett, on the Classic Traveller Yahoo group, decided that he wanted to run a CT PBeM set in the Reaver's Deep Sector, I reached for my Alien Modules. Ahkalhyo is a great pilot with excellent Leadership, Tolerance and Independence skills. He also has lousy DEX. Should be fun!
Akaiin Esaarti - Agent, Thief. A character for MGT
Balziac Gervaisor - Merchant Engineer with a low tolerance for idiots. A character for Classic Traveller
Ahkalhyo Ftakhawehah - buttoned up and ready for action. A character for Classic Traveller.
Felon FilePirate CrewAslan
This article originally appeared in the 'Grim Reaper' supplement of The New Zealand Wargamer #8, published February 1981. The five characters presented were generated using the Criminal expanded character generation system by Trevor Graver from White Dwarf #19.

Most of these characters ended up filling various roles in the Black Comet Organisation - an alliance of various pirate bands and other criminal groups - or its successor groups in the RimWorlds.

Characters include three pirates, a thug and an assassin.

When I first started playing around with Mongoose Traveller, I decided that the mother of the character I was working on was the pilot of a pirate ship based in the deserts of the planet Golus/Miazan. Later, when constructing a scenario, also set on Golus, I generated a full crew for the pirate ship Hevvekii using Classic Traveller Supplement 4.

The pirate base and the crew and ship are detailed in Appendix 2 of the scenario Sandpit. Just the crew stats for twenty-two pirates are included here.

I had a couple of attempts at generating Aslan characters before I settled on Ahkalhyo, my character in the Reaver's Deep game as detailed above.

Here are the others, two Space Force officers and an Outcast, in case someone needs an Aslan in a hurry.

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