The Gamelea Subsector

Hex No.PlanetUPPBasesPBGTradeAlg.Stellar Data
0108VarchB-857560-BN403Ag/NiImF6 VI
0110Kalar-WiA-5757C9-CKWNA924AgKWF4 V M0 D
0202Acorlis VC-7636A2-7Nil100NiImF0 IV
0203JulnarA-78A598-FNil800Ni/WaImF4 V
0204LeminkainenD-766500-4S511Ag/NiImF7 VI
0207AnthorannC-A79956-BS933InImF8 VI M5 VI
0302KerakC-100000-0S004BaImG6 V M7 D
0310Rimbaud IIB-434478-DNil321NiImK8 V G5 D
0401TulvanC-733731-8SA201Po/NAImF6 VI
0406KalathB-124426-9Nil112NiImM5 II G5 D
0407FeorA-353876-9N534PoImF7 V
0507Vanvlack VIIB-334500-BS824NiImM4 V M9 D
0508GameleaA-968AA9-FN/S202HiImF7 VI M3 D
0606Syndon IVX-556640-2NilR413Ag/NIImK0 VI M6 D
0607VenturaB-756985-CN223HiImF5 V M7 D
0609BryakD-728A95-9S933In/HiImF2 VI
0705CanblyneA-456520-DN634Ag/NiImF7 VI M1 D
0804GilandaB-443445-3S923Ni/PoImF3 V K1 D

Alliance Codes: DC = Dathynan Concordance; GR = Geithurian Republic; HA = Huiha Ahtaokye; HE = Huiha Esoyatre; HK = Huiha Khysokhou; HL = Hegemony of Lotarf; HR = Hunt of Rronurl; HW = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye; Im = Imperium; Ka = Kamperel Republic; KN = Khedivate of Nutharal; KW = Kalar-Wi; NA = Non-Aligned; SA = Hand of Ssra'ka Aissr; VN = Voivodate of Naos

Base Codes: GN = Geithurian Republic Naval Base; GS = Geithurian Republic Scout Base; HAN = Huiha Ahtaokye Naval Base; HEN = Huiha Esoyatre Naval Base; HES - Huiha Esoyatre Scout Base; HKN = Huiha Khysokhou Naval Base; HLN = Hegemony of Lotarf Naval Base; HWN = Huiha Weakhayuwikhye Naval Base; N = Imperial Naval Base; S = Imperial Scout Base; N/S = Imperial Naval and Scout Base; KN = Kamperelian Naval Base; KS = Kamperelian Scout Base; KWN = Kalar-Wi Naval Base; Nil = No Significant Base; NN = Nutharal Naval Base; NS = Nutharal Scout Base; RN = Hunt of Rronurl Naval Base; RS = Hunt of Rronurl Scout Base; SAN = Ssra'ka Aissr Naval Base; T = Tallu Naval Base; VNN = Voivodate of Naos Naval Base; VNS = Voivadate of Naos Scout Base; ZNS = Zoni Naval and Scout Base, Lur; YN = Yuar Naval Base

Trade Classifications: Ag = Agricultural; As = Asteroid Belt; Ba = Barren World; De = Desert World; Fl = Fluid Oceans; Ic = Ice Capped; In = Industrial; Hi = Hi Population; Lo = Low Population; NA = Non-Agricultural; Ni = Non-industrial; Po = Poor; Ri = Rich; Va = Vaccuum; Wa = Water World

Gamelea Subsector Map

The Gamelea subsector contains eighteen worlds with a total population of 142.718 billion sophonts. The highest population, A, is at Gamelea and Bryak, and the highest Tech Level, F, is at Julnar and Gamelea.

All planets in the Gamelea subsector, with the exception of Kalar-Wi, belong to the Imperium.

Kalar-Wi was the capital of a stellar polity up until the early 1100's. Initially pro-Imperial, it ruled Varch, Anthorann and Rimbaud II in the Gamelea subsector as well as several worlds in the Lymethius and Cabria subsectors. As the Gamelea subsector slid towards collapse under the lax administration of Duke Adryos Urzov IV, Warlord Vran'kal Youka decided that the time was opportune to expand Kalar-Wi. The Kalar-Wi War of 1103 1105 ended in the complete defeat of Kalar-Wi, the occupation of the Kalar-Wi homeworld and the annexation of Varch, Anthorann and Rimbaud II by the Imperium.

Kerak is a barren world. The vakaldite mines run by Varion-Medina Holdings closed in the 1080s and the starport facility was mothballed as the last company personnel were withdrawn.

Syndon IV is an Imperial reserve, set up to protect the regressed colony on the surface.

Gamelea Subsector is home to two Minor Races; the humanoid and extremely warlike Kalar-Wi and the amphibious Julnari of the waterworld of Julnar.

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