Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

The crew of the pirate ship Hevvekii were generated specifically for the scenario Sandpit, though can be used, of course, anywhere. The pirate crew was created using Classic Traveller Supplement 4.

Pirate Crew

Captain Jaspar Shoeul has hit the jackpot. Following up a series of clues, he has discovered a hidden base on the desert planet Golus which once belonged to the notorius Black Comet Organization.

The base has been excavated around a natural, 100 metre diameter, tomo or pit. There is garaging for a 200-ton ship and accommodation for up to thirty people.

There are twenty-two pirates in Captain Shoeul’s band. The crew of the Hevvekii consists of a pilot, navigator and three engineers, plus five boarders. Amongst the ‘ground crew’ are a couple of engineers to maintain the Hevvekii when she is at the base.

1). Captain Jaspar Shoeul2). Lieutenant Imeneene Gathikka
Leader 952984Age: 38 5 TermsLieutenant 32779C Age: 46 7 Terms
Dagger-1Forgery-3Zero-G Combat-1Computer-3
Ship Tactics-1Electronics-1Navigation-2Pilot-2

3). Lieutenant Albanik Calso4). Sergeant 237BB6 Age:46 7 Terms
Lieutenant 463B57 Age: 30 4 TermsBrawling-1Pilot-2
Gunnery-1Vacc Suit-1Laser Carbine-1Leader-1
Streetwise-1Mechanical-1Navigation-1Vacc Suit-1

5). Sergeant A88558 Age: 30 3 Terms6). Sergeant A867B6 Age: 38 5 Terms
Brawling-1Vacc Suit-2Brawling-1Gunnery-2
Tactics-1Zero-G Combat-1Navigation-1Electronics-1
Dagger-1Engineering-1Sub-machine Gun-1Computer-1
Vacc Suit-1Zero-G Combat-1

7). Corporal 697734 Age: 38 5 Terms8). Corporal BB4A7A Age: 30 3 Terms
Brawling-1Ship Tactics-1Brawling-1Vacc Suit-1
Dagger-2Vacc Suit-1Gambling-1Ship Tactics-1

9). Corporal B479AA Age: 34 4 Terms10). Corporal 379A56 Age:34 4 Terms
Brawling-1Computer-2Brawling 1Cutlass-1
Leader-1Vacc Suit-2Mechanical-1Laser Rifle-1

11). Pirate 98A479 Age: 30 3 Terms12). Pirate 6B9587 Age: 30 3 Terms

13). Pirate 795772 Age:34 4 Terms14). Pirate 966737 Age:38 5 Terms
Engineering-1Streetwise-1Zero-G Combat-3Gunnery-1
Zero-G Combat-1Vacc Suit-1

15). Pirate 539753 Age: 34 4 Terms16). Pirate 4AB595 Age: 46 7 Terms
Laser Rifle-1Leader-1Gunnery-2Laser Rifle-1
Electronic 2Leader-1Electronics-2

17). Pirate 998673 Age: 24 2 Terms18). Pirate 884365 Age: 34 4 Terms

19). Pirate 776968 Age: 22 1 Terms20). Pirate 77A488 Age: 22 1 Term
Brawling-1Laser Rifle-1Brawling-1Cutlass-1

21).Pirate 8B6556 Age: 30 3 Terms22). Pirate 59794A Age: 22 1 Term
Brawling-1Gunnery-1Brawling-1Laser Rifle-1
Engineering-1Vacc Suit-1Gunnery-1

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