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Ahkalhyo Ftakhawehah

Ahkalhyo Ftakhawehah - buttoned up and ready for action. A character for Classic Traveller.

Alien Module 1: Aslan - Clan Spacer

Service: Two terms in the huiha Ftaohkoi clan Space Force.

Ahkalhyo Ftakhawehah
UPP: 848598
Age: 32 Aslan - 28 Human
Khtehkaaoas/Hryaroaa B-465369-A
Clan Spaceforce
Age Modifiers:
Terms Served: 2
Final Rank:
E2 - Spacehand
+2 SOC
Discharge World:
Oirui'ea/Kelar (Islaiat Dominate)
Equipment Qualified On:
Starships, Handguns
Primary Skill
Secondary Skill
Additional Skills
Independence-2Tolerance-1Ship Tactics-1Fwd Observer-1
Zero-G Cbt-1 Handgun-1 Instruction-1
Takestah (Long Pistol)
5 clips of pistol ammunition
Hand Computer
Cash: Cr2,500

Service Record
Term 1Year 1Basic TrainingLeader-1, Pilot-1
Year 2Special Duty -
Tolerence-1, Independence-1, Promotion, +1 Social
Year 3SiegeDecoration (+1 Social), +1 END
Year 4TrainingLeader-1
Year 5StrikeDecoration (+1 Social), no skill
Year 6TrainingGun Cbt (Handgun-1)
Year 7Siege(Wounded) - No Skill
Year 8Special Duty -
Specialist School
Ship Tactics-1
Term 2Year 1MerchantIndependence-1
Year 2Shore DutyFwd Observer
Year 3Special Duty -
Cross Train Crew
Zero-G Cbt
Year 4Special Duty -
Flight School
Year 5TrainingPilot-1
Year 6PatrolNo Skill
Year 7TrainingNo Skill
Year 8Special Duty -
Pilot School Teacher

Ahkalhyo, son of Yokhtao, of ekhoFtakhawehah was born into a minor ekho of huiha Ftaohkoi, a powerful Aslan clan settled in Hryaroaa subsector in the Isalaiat Dominate of Reaver's Deep.

In the second year of his miltary service with huiha Ftaohkoi's Space Force, Ahkalhyo was assigned as a military aide to a high ranking Ftaohkoi official. Dealing with non-Aslan on a regular basis, and being expected to undertake duties normally performed by female Aslan personnel, equipped him with the skills of Tolerance and Independence, which are unusual amongst male Aslan.

During the seventh year of his first term, Ahkalhyo was serving on the flight-line during the siege of a pirates' nest when he suffered a serious leg injury. After spending eight months in hospital, he returned to duty but has walked with a limp ever since. The extent of his injury precluded him from serving in a combat role for the rest of his service.

A Mercantile cruise during the first year of his second term took him through the Principality of Caledon to the borders of the Imperium and back again, and laid the seeds for a wanderlust that eventually persuaded him to quit the huiha Space Force at the end of that term.

Since then, Ahkalhyo has worked his way back through the Principality and into the Imperium where he is currently looking for a new job.

Ahkalhyo is a good pilot, but is still hampered by his old leg wound. He carries an ornate Takestah (long pistol) which is a family heirloom but, as he considers himself to be on his syareahtaorl, he will pack it away if required to.

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