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When I look at the character descriptions now, I can see that my RimWorlds campaign was still very much in its early development when I wrote this article. Still, it was a great, creative time for me, and some of these NPCs are still around.

Felon File

Traveller NPCs

Originally published in The New Zealand Wargamer #8 February 1981

The aim of this article is to provide personages for the PC’s to meet (to hire or fight) in either the seedier starport bars or in the city bars on low law level planets like Tulvan/Gamelea in the RimWorlds sector.

For those who wish to roll their own criminals, etc., get hold of White Dwarf #19 for the article “Criminals” by Trevor Graver. The “UPP” used in this article is the standard Traveller type ie Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education and Social Standing.

Note: Cascade Skills such as Blade and Gun Combat are to be defined as the GM sees fit.

REP=Reputation. Higher REP allows criminals to mingle easily amongst fellow criminals.
EP=Evidence Points. Every crime leaves some evidence, and if caught this score determines the sentence the criminal might/will get. The lower the EP the better (for the criminal).
GEN=Galactic Enemy Number. Read as an exponent of ten. For example, Gonur Zulr has a Galactic Enemy Number of 20 which means that he falls between 1 x 10^19 and 1 x 10^20 on the list of the Imperiums' Most Wanted Criminals.

Case 1:
Gonur Zulr UPP: 894B84 PirateTOS: 6Age: 44
Age effects: -1 on Strength and Dexterity
REP: 6 EP:11 GEN:20 Bounty: Cr 341,000
MOS Gun Combat-3MOS Streetwise-4Engineer-2Blade-1
Pilot-3 Gunner-2VaccSuit-1 Forgery-2
Mustering Out:
High passage Ticket+2 Intelligence Gun Combat-1 Money: Cr 40,000
See notes for Greedol, below.

Case 2:
GreedolUPP: 677C89 PirateTOS: 4Age: 36
REP: 8 EP:3 GEN:5 Bounty: Cr 138,000
MOS Gun Combat-2MOS Streetwise-2Engineer-1Blade-1
Pilot-1 Gunner-3 Forgery-2
Mustering Out:
Vehicle (any listed in the Vehicle Skill section of Book 4 Mercenary)
+1 Education Money: Cr 15,000
Two reasonably successful pirates, Gonur and Greedol led a small pirate fleet in the Nolgor subsector until an Imperial Task Force cleaned them out. Several other ventures were successful for a while, but the new Emperor started to clamp down on pirates, extortionists and other honest criminals and so Gonur and Greedol ended up lying low in the Gamelea subsector. Having been forced to sell their ship, they are eager for work and will take any job offered.

Case 3:
Bulgor RamonUPP: C57A48 ThugTOS: 2Age: 32
REP: 1 EP:9 GEN: Suspected Criminal Bounty: None
MOS Brawling-3MOS Streetwise-5Unarmed Combat-1Vehicle-2
Unarmed combat gives +1 to all damage done with hands and feet in Hand-to-hand combat per skill level
Mustering Out:
Tools (Electronic tools, or whatever you think a Thug should have)
Money: Cr 5,000
Certain officials are interested in getting their hands on Bulgor Ramon as he is believed to have been a member of the notorious Black Comet Organisation on Fingala/Nolgor. The BCO was broken up five standard years ago but it is thought that this highly intelligent strongman was behind its resurrection in the ‘Month of Terror’ – the great mass murders that shocked the Sector. Bulgor is a very resourceful criminal and has the gift of the silver tongue.

Case 4:
Iros PenaltryUPP: 696577 PirateTOS: 7Age: 47
Age effects: -1 Strength.
REP: 8 EP:22 GEN: 5 Bounty: Cr 1,012,000
MOS Gun Combat-4MOS Streetwise-5Shipsboat-1Engineering-6
Forgery-1Pilot-1 Blade-1
Mustering Out:
Surgery (from a discrete surgeon which altered his appearance)
2 x Low Passage Tickets1 x High Passage Ticket
Money: Cr 31,000
Wanted dead or alive for the destruction of the Imperial Naval base on Syndon IV/Gamelea (well, what was the Imperium doing with a base on a restricted planet? Anyway, Iros’ ship’s reactor was about to melt down and the landing field was the only flat clear space on the planet).

Bounty hunters have pursued Iros all the way across the Sector and, even though he has had plastic surgery, he still has a phobia of being watched (you can’t trust even discrete surgeons) and is therefore very jumpy and trigger-happy.

Case 5:
Talamgor AnardUPP: A4A7A7 AssassinTOS: 5Age: 48
Age effects: -1 Strength, -1 Endurance.
Served three years in prison, 2nd Term, 4th Year and ten years in prison 4th Term 3rd Year
REP: 2 EP:14 GEN: Criminal Bounty: None
MOS Disguise-2MOS J-o-T-2Gun Combat-1Recon-1Steward-1
Unarmed Combat-1Forgery-1Electronics-2 Streetwise-1
Mustering Out:
1 x High Passage Ticket
Money: Cr 30,000
Not a very successful criminal as he has spent nearly as much time “Inside” as out. Dabbles a lot in various trades and is of little use except maybe as a spy.

Please feel free to use, change, alter or discard the above criminals as you see fit. Maybe someone might like to try one as a PC?

These criminals can be equipped as you like but the pirates will at least carry a handgun, either concealed or openly if the law level of the planet permits. Iros Penaltry would probably carry several handguns as well as a small personnel poison capsule. Also, the pirates may wear Reflec armour if this is not too bulky.

Remember, if any of the criminals gets arrested, any of the PCs with them will be taken as accomplices and would probably share the same fate of their criminal friends. Any prison sentence automatically gives 1 EP. Anyone caught with more than 16 EP gets vaporised.

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