Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Balziac Gervaisor

Balziac Gervaisor - Merchant Engineer with a low tolerance for idiots. A character for Classic Traveller

Book 7 Merchant Engineer

Service: Four terms with Saarrunikki TransStar – a Sector-wide Line
Served aboard the STS ‘Star of Luurgiis’ and the STS ‘Constellation of Shelvvi’

Balziac Gervaisor
UPP: 668772
Age: 34
Menorb/Regina C-652998-7
Sector-wide Line
Age Modifiers:
-1 to End
Terms Served: 4
Final Rank:
O2 - Assistant Engineer
Discharge World:
Jewell/Jewell A-777999-C
Equipment Qualified On:
Ship's Gravitics, Ship's Engineering, Ship's Boat, Vacc Suit
Primary Skill
Secondary Skill
Additional Skills
Vacc Suit-2Admin-1Electronic-1Engineering-1
Gambling-1 Handgun-1 Ship's Boat-1 Trader-1
5 clips of Autopistol ammunition
Body Pistol
2 Clips of Body Pistol ammunition
High Passage TicketCombi Respirator/Filter Mask TL-10 Cold Weather Clothing
Radiation Counter Hand Computer IR Goggles Metal Work Tool Kit
Mechanical Tool Kit Electronic Tool Kit Cloth ArmourTL-12 vacc Suit
Cash: Cr62,000

Service Record
Term 1Year 1Applies to attend CollegeFails collegeNo Skills
Year 2Accepted by Sector-wide line
Speculative Trade Mission
Year 3RoutePromoted O0
Assistant Drive Hand
Gravitics-1, Trader-1
Year 4RouteServes as CrewGravitics-1
Term 2Year 1Exploritory TradePromoted to O1
Drive Hand
Engineering-1, Ship's Boat-1
Year 2RoutePromoted O2
Assistant Engineer
Mechanical-1, +1 Education
Year 3RouteServes as Drive HandVacc Suit-1
Year 4Special Duty -
Engineering School
Admin-1, Mechanical-1
Term 3Year 1RouteServes as Drive HandNo Skills
Year 2RouteServes as Asst EngineerNo Skills
Year 3RouteServes as Drive HandVacc Suit-1
Year 4RouteServes as Drive HandElectronics-1
Term 4Year 1CharterServes as Asst EngineerMechanical-1
Year 2RouteServes as Drive HandNo Skill
Year 3RouteServes as Drive HandGravitics-1
Year 4RouteServes as Asst EngineerNo Skill

Balziac Gervaisor was born into a dirt-poor Spinecone Planter family on Menorb/Regina (0203-C652998-7). By dint of hard saving and a loan from a well-to-do Uncle, young Balziac was able to attend the planetary College and Technical Institute. With the hopes of his family riding on him, Balziac proceeded to major in partying and washed out of college after a year. Rather than face his family, Balziac sat and aced the recruitment exam for Saarrunikki TransStar, a Sector-wide shipping line. Assigned to the engineering department aboard the STS ‘Star of Luurgiis’, Balziac shipped out.

After a speculative trading mission, the ‘Star of Luurgiis’ returned to its usual route assignment and Balziac was commissioned as an Assistant Drive Hand, specialising in Gravitics. During the following year, the Chief Engineer’s nephew was rotated in as Assistant Drive Hand and Balziac was bumped back to crew. To preserve peace in the Engineering department, the Chief Engineer encouraged Balziac to continue his Gravitics training and at the end of the year arranged an Assistant Drive Hand’s berth on the STS ‘Constellation of Shelvvi’.

Balziac discovered that the ‘Shelvvi’ was departing on an Exploratory Trade mission and what, for him, was to be a highly successful year. Not only did Balziac achieve his Engineering-1 ticket, he learned how to handle the Ship’s Boat and was promoted to Drive Hand. The following year, the ‘Constellation of Shelvvi’ returned to its Route assignment and Balziac was promoted to Assistant Engineer.

Over the next few years, apart from a brief stint at Engineering School, Balziac alternatively served as Assistant Engineer or as Drive Hand as crew numbers on the ‘Shelvvi’ fluctuated. Without his Engineering-2 ticket, further promotion for Balziac was blocked and he began to get increasingly frustrated. Finally, midway through his third term, an Assistant Engineer’s slot came up on his old ship, the ‘Star of Luurgiis’, so Balziac called in some favours and transferred. The ‘Star of Luurgiis’ had a charter assignment and Balziac proved his value servicing the charter group’s vehicles.

Balziac’s fourth term began badly. Relegated to Drive Hand and with the ‘Star of Luurgiis’ plying a relatively unproductive route, he endured two years of boredom. When the opportunity to re-enlist finally came round, Balziac decided that he had had enough of the ‘Star of Luurgiis’ and Saarrunikki TransStar and took his mustering out. With Cr 80,000 in severance pay, augmented by a little wagering on the side, a High Passage Ticket, and an automatic pistol, Balziac Gervaisor is looking for adventure and excitement.

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