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Akaiin Esaarti

Akaiin Esaarti - Agent, Thief. A character for MGT

Mongoose Traveller
Agent: Intelligence/Rogue: Thief

Akaiin Esaarti
Birthworld: High Tech/Ind
Lunion/Lunion A-995984-D
Race: Human
Age: 38
Agent: Intelligence/Rogue: Thief
Terms Served: 5

Str: B (+1)Dex: A (+1)End: 7 (+0)Int: B (+1)Edu: A (+1)Soc: 8 (+0)

Computer-0Trade-0Language - Gvegh-0Carouse-1
Streetwise-2 Drive (Wheeled)-0 Investigate-1 Recon-0
Gauss Pistol-0 Stealth-2 Deception-1 Admin-1

Victim of Theft: Asst. Director Garlena Turgii Police Detective: Sari Trannet

Gauss PistolCloth Armour TL10 Comm Laser Transceiver
TL13 Bug Hand Computer TL12 Binoculars PRIS TL10 Comdot
TL8 Breather mask TL8 Environmental Suit TL8 StunstickDagger
Body Pistol

Cash: Cr45,480Ship Shares: 3

Akaiin Esaarti was born on the planet Lunion, capital of the Lunion subsector, the eldest of three children. His sister Evei (age 36) is a Doctor at Imperial Hospital, Aloian City on Lunion while his brother Drakano (age 34) is a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy.

Akaiin was always sporty at school and became captain of his High School zadarball team in his final year. While considering a possible career in either the Law or in Law Enforcement, Akaiin was recruited by the Lunion Subsector Intelligence Agency. The LSIA works in conjunction with the Planetary Police Directorates of the Lunion Subsector in tracking and suppressing intersystem criminal and subversive elements amongst Lunion subsector’s population of over 24.5 billion sophonts.

Akaiin’s first four years as a LSIA agent proved as exciting and as eventful as he could have wished and he was rapidly promoted to Agent. During his second term, Akaiin and his partner, Johl Tarkes, stumbled across a link between an organised crime ring and a shadowy group of senior agents in the LSIA called the Black Directorate. The suspect agents were apparently passing information concerning on-going investigations to their criminal associates and either compromising criminal cases or actively blowing agents’ cover identities. While pursuing this investigation, Akaiin and Johl were ambushed. In the ensuing shoot out, Johl Tarkes was killed and Akaiin was left for dead.

After a lengthy convalescence, Akaiin was discharged from the LSIA on medical grounds – an event that Akaiin believes was orchestrated by the self-same corrupt agents that he and his partner were working to expose. With few resources, and a burning desire to avenge Johl and vindicate himself, Akaiin essentially slipped underground, living the life of a thief while working outside the law to accumulate sufficient evidence to bring down the rotten elements within the LSIA.

After a couple of years of investigating leads, while making a precarious living as a thief, Akaiin had a break through. After gaining access to the residence of LSIA Assistant Director Garlena Turgii on Strouden, Akaiin discovered a hidden safe that contained a quantity of cash and some information vital to his investigation. Turgii couldn’t officially prosecute Akaiin as a party to the break-in, as too many questions would be asked concerning the illicit cash in her safe, but she has positively identified Akaiin from a single still frame on a security holocrystal and is determined to destroy him.

Amongst the information Akaiin obtained from Assistant Director Turgii’s safe were the names Ilio Gharshenoi and Hydatti Jahkurgharuppta. When Akaiin was a LSIA agent, he and his partner, Johl Tarkes, had been investigating Ilio Gharshenoi and his Far Trader, the Garrambashah, as a possible link between organised groups stealing high valued freight and data packages from the Imperial Way Station on Persephone and the resurfacing of these goods on Strouden. Akaiin and Johl’s investigation had been stymied and then word of it leaked to the Strouden media. Gharshenoi had protested his innocence, instigated a law suite against the LSIA, and then moved the Garrambashah and his operations to the Lanth subsector.

Hydatti Jahkurgharuppta was the LSIA Senior Special Agent on Strouden during the period of Gharshenoi’s operations, before retiring and moving to Lunion to take up a lecturing position at the Lunion University Faculty of Law. Travelling to Lunion, Akaiin discovered that Jahkurgharuppta’s retirement had been less than voluntary, and that she was prepared to talk to him in private about the Black Directorate. Arriving at Jahkurgharuppta’s residence, Akaiin discovered that Assistant Director Turgii had murdered her and that evidence for her murder pointed to Akaiin. Almost apprehended, Akaiin barely escaped from Lunion as a fugitive from the law. The resulting publicity concerning the murder damaged Akaiin’s reputation further and caused his sister Evei considerable difficulties at Imperial Hospital on Lunion.

Escaping from Lunion, Akaiin returned to Strouden where he made contact with Jan Virros. Virros had been Hydatti Jahkurgharuppta’s deputy during her tenure as LSIA Senior Special Agent on Strouden. Virros has assisted Akaiin and Johl Tarkes in making their case against Ilio Gharshenoi and had been dismissed from the LSIA when Gharshenoi’s law suite had finally come to court. Now working as a Private Investigator, Virros agreed to assist Akaiin in tracking down Ilio Gharshenoi. Early evidence pointed to a smuggling ring operating from the desert world of Harvosette that might have connections with Gharshenoi, and so Arkaiin decided to follow up that lead.

Detective Sari Trannet from Adabicci was seconded to LSIA several years ago. While working a smuggling case in the Zaibon belt, he stumbled across Akaiin’s trail. When Trannet’s report crossed Assistant Director Turgii’s desk, she saw in Trannet a useful instrument to rid the Black Directorate of the annoying Akaiin Esaarti. Trannet began closing in on Akaiin and nearly trapped him on Harvosette. In the ensuing gunfight out in the Big Dry, Akaiin was wounded but, thinking he had killed Trannet, left Trannet behind. It was only later that Akaiin discovered that not only had Trannet survived, but he had become obsessed with hunting Akaiin down to kill him.

From Harvosette, Akaiin followed Gharshenoi’s trail to Strouden and Sharrip before loosing the Garrambashah at Resten on the Spinward Main. A message from Virros drew Akaiin to Ivendo/Lanth where he learnt that Gharshenoi was travelling coreward up the Main towards Regina subsector. While on Ivendo, Akaiin narrowly escaped from another ambush set up by Sari Trannet, who was hot on his trail.

As Virros was tracking the Garrambashah up the Main, Akaiin decided to try and get ahead of Gharshenoi by taking a longliner from Ivendo. Akaiin reached Dinomn only to find that the Garrambashah had passed through some four weeks before, heading for Regina/Regina. Continuing to Boughene, Akaiin doubled back to Efate to try and pick up the Garrambashah’s trail. While in the Efate system, Akaiin made the acquaintance of an ex-Rogue called Clavus Sturmghast.

Akaiin’s determination to return to Lunion, defeat the Black Directorate, and to clear his name, remains undiminished.

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