Battles of the Stellar Conquest Full Thrust Campaign

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The object of a campaign is to create situations, or points of conflict, where battles take place. In Stellar Conquest points of conflict are:

  • Terran Worlds - as these generate population, allowing an empire to grow, and contribute victory points towards determining the winner of the campaign
  • Strategic Worlds - due to the necessity of operating within the command radius of Command Post worlds, each Command Post world becomes a point of strategic importance. The loss of such a world can hinder the advance of an empire.
  • Mineral Rich Worlds - while of limited population capacity, Mineral Rich worlds can provide much needed financial heft to an empire and serve as important ship building hubs.

1st Battle of Dubhe 2142

Battle of Spica 2144

1st Battle of Schedar 2144

Skirmish at Schedar 2147

2nd Battle of Dubhe 2147

1st Battle of Cephei 2150

2nd Battle of Cephei 2150

1st Battle of Draconis 2154

1st Battle of Wezen 2155

2nd Battle of Wezen 2156

3rd Battle of Cephei 2157

Battle of Lacaille 2157

2nd Battle of Draconis 2160

4th Battle of Cephei 2160