Stellar Conquest Full Thrust Campaign

Stellar Conquest by Avalon HillI decided to run a campaign to help foster interest in Full Thrust. I happen to own an excellent Avalon Hill science fiction boardgame called Stellar Conquest and, after re-reading the rules, came to the conclusion that the mechanics in Stellar Conquest would work very well as the strategic level for a campaign.

The other good thing about using Stellar Conquest is that it comes with a map of local-ish space. This saved me a lot of effort in attempting to translate a map of real-space into something one could plot moves on. There is a larger version of the campaign map than the one below, here. I should point out that there are some very nice star maps available on the web - Nyrath the Nearly-wise has done some beautiful work for the Full Thrust Universe, and Atlas of the Universe is just that!

Stellar Conquest Map. Copyright Avalon Hill Games.

I edited the Stellar Conquest rules a little, both to bring them more into line with the Full Thrust table-top rules, and to exclude some material that I didn't feel was relevant to the game I wanted to run. I also took the opportunity to incorporate some material on "Officer Command Qualities", first proposed by Sean Bayan Schoonmaker on the GZG-L discussion list, and some material from 'Full Thrust Campaign Rules: Fleet Book Edition' by Roger Burton West and Peter Edge.

Currently, the campaign rules are on-line at Chris's website, along with some musings by Chris on the merits of various campaign set-ups. I may eventually put the rules up here (or swipe Chris's code so I don't have to type everything out again!), but until then, here's some Full Thrust Stellar Conquest related material.

Setting up and Managing the CampaignBattles of the CampaignCampaign History
Managing the large amount of data for a campaign is a challenge. I get it right most of the time but record keeping is the key. Some thoughts and tipsThese are set-up scenarios for the battles we've fought. They include lists of ships, NPV and tonnage values. There is also a brief account of the 'historical' result.Due to the ongoing nature of the campaign, this history currently only covers the first twelve turns. It will expand as we move further down the turn track.

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