1st Battle of Schedar 2144
Turn 8


Neu Swabian League/Eurasian Solar Union Border During 2142 a Neu Swabian League Scout Troop explored the Schedar System as part of the NSL's Trailing expansion. In 2143 1st Fleet under Admiral Ludwig von Vettinghoff arrived in the system to secure it, as the Scout Troops pressed further to Trailing.

Schedar system consists of eleven orbits. Orbits 1 and 2 are occupied by two small, uninhabitable, rocky worlds. A planetoid belt separates the inner worlds from the Terran type world in Orbit 4. It is this planet that Von Vettinghoff and his command are securing for the expansion of the Neu Swabian League. From the Barren world of Schedar V, the system stretches outwards from its star with another planetoid belt and then alternating small and large gas giants. Orbit 11 is occupied by a small, icy, ball.

NSL Situation:

Von Vettinghoff and 1st Fleet are conducting exercises near the Terran class planet when the scout in the outer system sends a Flash signal. Hostile ships have been detected. Hard on the heels of the message comes the scan data from the remote sensor buoys. One hostile Capital class and three hostile Escort class vessels are in-bound.

As 1st Fleet sets out on an intercept course, the scout reports coming under fire from one of the Escort vessels. The hostile Escort is closing, but has opened fire from 30 MU range. Tense moments pass, and then, suddenly, contact is lost with the scout.

Von Vettinghoff has Engage orders, though, if the scout is lost, he has the option to Stand-off and observe. He now decides to follow the latter course.

Admiral Vettinghoff can determine the engagement location within the system. His choices are: Free Space, near a Dense world, near a Gas Giant, or in an Asteroid Field.

1st Fleet consists of:
Kronprinz Wilhelm class Light Cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm
Kronprinz Wilhelm class Light Cruiser Kronprinzessin Erzherzogin Stephanie
Stroschen class Corvette Faust

The Kronprinz Wilhelm is serving as flagship.

Admiral von Vettinghoff and his Captains are all Average Officers.

Kra'Vak Situation:

Huntleader Da'Tah of the 2nd Host of the Kra'Fas'Kon has been patrolling to Core-Spinward of the Kra'Fas lairworld of Zha'Lau. Encountering a hostile scout in the outer Schedar system, he has set his own Lu'Dak class Scout Da'Dak upon it. Much to his satisfaction, Da'Dak is successful in its mission. Then, scan data begins to come in of ship movements deeper in the system. Huntleader Da'Tah orders an immediate attack.

2nd Host consists of:
Ko'San class Heavy Carrier Kia'Dan
Di'Tok class Heavy Destroyer Doa'Tat
Di'Tok class Heavy Destroyer Ru'Na
Lu'Dak class Scout Da'Dak

The Kia'Dan is serving as flagship'

The Captain of the Da'Dak is a Poor Officer, a lesser member of a high status Clan foisted upon Huntleader Da'Tah and assigned a berth where he can do little damage. The Destroyer commanders are Average Officers and Da'Tah and Ra'Tau, Captain of the Kia'Dan, are Good Officers.

NSL Admiral Vettinghoff will determine the location of the battle. Huntleader Da'Tah's objective is to destroy the hostile ships while preserving his own.

Kra’Vak:1387 Points385 Mass
Neu Swabian League:369 Points110 Mass

Ships Used:
All Neu Swabian League ships in this engagement were Fleet Book 1 standard.

All Kra’Vak ships in this engagement were Fleet Book 2 standard.

Historical Result:

Vettinghoff decided to engage in Free Space. His plan was to attempt to pass the hostile fleet, concentrating fire on one of its units, and then FTL clear of the system.

As the Kra'Vak bore down on his ships, he ordered a turn to starboard. This drew the Kra'Vak to port as they closed range. Initiative was the key, and luck was running in Vettinghoff's favour, as, abruptly, the Kra'Vak came in range of the Wilhelm's and Stephanie's Class 2 Beams. Because of the angle of approach, only two batteries per ship could bear, but both found targets on the Ru'Na.

With its FTL drive down and its Fire Control knocked out, the Ru'Na began to edge to starboard. Return fire from the other Kra'Vak vessels pounded the Wilhem and Stephanie, damaging the Wilhelm's Main Drives, and smashing one of the Class 2 Batteries. Vettinghoff ordered the Faust to break and run as the range dropped, meantime hammering the Ru'Na and putting shots into the Kia'Dan and Doa'Tat. Da'Tah tore at the dying Wilhelm and thrashed the Stephanie. Stephanie's bridge took a hit, and her Life Support began to fail. Meanwhile, heroic efforts by the Wilhelm's Damage Control parties stabilised a runaway Power Core.

Faust had given up on her breakaway move, and was now driving after her fleet mates, but to no avail. Then, suddenly, the crippled Ru'Na tore herself apart as her Power Core went critical. Apoplectic with rage, Da'Tah went in for the kill. A single volley from Doa'Tat finished off the Faust while Kia'Dan and Da'Dak destroyed first the Wilhelm and then the Stephanie.

Huntleader Da'Tah was not a happy Kra'Vak. He had destroyed the enemy, but it had cost a Destroyer, and the second had major hull damage. In attempting to preserve his precious fighters, he had also incurred a small amount of damage on his carrier. The next Clan Council could prove most difficult for him.

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