Eurasian Solar Union Ship Designs

Shengfeng CVA

FT 244 Shengfeng Class CVA
Shengfeng Class CVA
Shengfeng CVA Ship Model: FT 244
Mass: 254Cost: 869
Hull: 7413 Crew Factors
Thrust: 4FTL
4 x Beam-1
4 x Beam-2 (2xAP, FP, F; 2xAS, FS, F)
4 x Beam-3 (4xF)
6 x PDS Level 1 Screen
3 x FireCon 6 x Fighter Bays

Standard Fighter Fit-Out

4 x Standard Flights; 1 x Interceptor Flight; 1 x Torpedo Bomber Flight

Cost of Standard Fighter Flight fit-out: 126 NPV

Design Notes:

The Superdreadnought and Attack Carrier class ESU ships from Fleet Book 1 share a similar failing - they are massive, heavily armed ships that are both slow and unmanoeuverable.

The revitalisation of ESU naval design that has occurred since the outbreak of the Xeno War has allowed the commissioning of a new Attack Carrier class, the Shengfeng, to replace the elderly Konstantin Class.

The naval architects were informed that they had to design a ship within the following parameters: it was to have at least six flights of fighters; it was to retain the Konstantin's weapon fit-out, though modified for Vector combat; it was to have Thrust-4 to allow it to move and manoeuver at the speed of its escorts; and the ship and its fighter complement were to cost under 10,000 MUcr (1000 NPV).

Ships in class: Shengfeng, Zhi Shi, Zhichi, Zhujiao.

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Karpov CT

FT 233 Karpov Class CT Karpov CT Ship Model: FT 233
Mass: 10Cost: 35
Hull: 21 Crew Factor
Thrust: 6FTL
1 x Beam-1
1 x Beam-2 (FP, F, FS)
1 x FireCon

Design Notes:

Smaller and cheaper than the Nanuchka II class Corvette, the Karpov class was conceived of as mass attack ships.

The Karpov's normally operate in squadrons, or packs, of three or four ships, often attached to a frigate or destroyer. The theory being that a defender's fire will be drawn by the larger vessel, allowing the corvettes to get in close enough to overwhelm the defending ship by the sheer number of attacking beam weapons they can bring to bear.

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Tunguska DDL

FT255 Tunguska Class DDL
Tunguska Class DDL
Tunguska DDL Ship Model: FT 255
Mass: 48Cost: 162
Hull: 133 Crew Factors
Thrust: 6FTL
3 x Beam-2 (AP, FP, F; FP, F, FS; AS, FS, F)
2 x FireCon Grade 2 Armour

Design Notes:

Based on a design by "hundvighong" in the New sculpt ESU playtest stats thread on the Starship Combat Gaming Forum. The Tunguska Class is a fast, heavy, escort vessel, designed to provide rapid anti-fighter support for capital class ships.

Ships in class: Tunguska, Anabar, Indigirka, Kitoy, Kolyma, Maya, Novosibirsk, Olenyok, Vilyuy.

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Ural DD

FT235 Ural Class DD
Ural Class DD
Ural DD Ship Model: FT 235
Mass: 35Cost: 115
Hull: 102 Crew Factors
Thrust: 6FTL
1 x Beam-1
3 x Beam-2 (AP, FP, F; FP, F, FS; AS, FS, F)
1 x FireConGrade 1 Armour
1 x PDS

Design Notes:

Of a similar size, and with a similar weapon load to the Volga class Heavy Destroyers, the Ural class Destroyers have benefited from developments in drive technology pioneered at the Xin Dalian Yard 321, Vega System, for a Thrust of 6. Deployed in units with Tunguska class Destroyer Leaders, the Urals have greatly enhanced the Voyenno-Komicheskiy Flot's escort fleet.

Ships in class: Ural, Putaran, Altay, Sayan, Stanovoy, Tian Shan, Pamir, Sikhote-Alin, Khentii, Khingan, Chersky.

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Wei SB

FT252 Wei Class SB
Wei Class SB
Wei SB Ship Model: FT 252
Mass: 7Cost: 26
Hull: 11 Crew Factor
Thrust: 6No FTL
1 x Beam-1
2 x Submunition Packs (F)
1 x FireCon

Design Notes:

Primarily used for insystem patrols, Wei class Strikeboats are sometimes deployed as Fleet pickets, especially when Fleet units are to be deployed in a system for any length of time. When called upon for such duty, Strikeboat squadrons are usually moved by dedicated interstellar tug craft as Voyenno-Komicheskiy Flot design doctrine does not allow for combat craft with over-sized FTL drives. It goes without saying that there are never as many tug craft as Naval planners would like.

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Liao CH

Liao Class CH
Liao Class CH
Liao CH Ship Model: FT 208A
Mass: 80Cost: 271
Hull: 234 Crew Factors
Thrust: 4FTL
3 x Beam-1
3 x Beam-2 (AP, FP, F; FP, F, FS; AS, FS, F)
2 x Beam-3 (2 x FP, F, FS)
2 x FireConGrade 4 Armour
2 x PDS1 x Level 1 Screen

Design Notes:

Based on the same hull lines as the Voroshilev class Heavy Cruisers, development of the Liao class was delayed by high level manoeuvring within the Voyenno-Komicheskiy Flot's Bureau of Ships. Abruptly, production of the Liao class was switched to Xin Dalian Yard 88/B where the design was rapidly modified for conditions in the Trans-Vega sector. The result was a ship slightly larger, slightly more heavily armed, and slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

Ships in class: Liao, Mudanjiang, Nen, Songhua, Tumen, Ussuri, Argun, Anlun, Wuyuer.

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