Full Thrust Ship Designs

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I have been playing in, and running, a Full Thrust campaign for the last year and a bit, using a Eurasian Solar Union fleet with ships drawn mainly from Fleet Book 1. I have also experimented with a couple of non-Fleet Book ship types designed by Mark "Indy" Kochte.

As the campaign has progressed, I have designed a few ship classes of my own to fill perceived gaps in the ESU order of battle (or as I have bought models from Ground Zero Games that, as yet, lack official SSD's).

The following ship classes are designed with 'Vector' gaming in mind. I hope you find them useful.

ESU emblem by Ground Zero Games

Eurasian Solar Union Ship Designs

ShengfengAttack Carrier CVAKarpovCorvette CTLiaoHeavy Cruiser CH
TunguskaDestroyer Leader DDLUralDestroyer DDWeiStrikeboat SB