The Nano Flower

By Peter F. Hamilton
Pan 1995
ISBN 0 330 33044 6

The third in the Greg Mandel trilogy, The Nano Flower picks up Hamilton’s post-Global Warming milieu some ten years or so after the events in A Quantum Murder’.

The story concentrates on Julia Evans - billionaire owner of Event Horizon and the financial power behind the English economic recovery – and her search for her missing husband, Royan.

A mysterious flower, with non-terrestrial DNA, appears to be the only clue to Royan’s whereabouts. Distracting Julia from her search are rumours that phenomenally powerful alien technology is being offered on the global market to the highest bidder. Is the technology a hoax? Have aliens finally made contact with the human race? And is Royan’s disappearance, the appearance of the Nano Flower and the alien technology linked?

Greg Mandel finds himself dragged out of retirement for one last mission. But the clock is ticking and there are some heavily armed and extremely ruthless people attempting to beat him to Royan and the alien technology.

A very enjoyable read. Hamilton goes into the murky world of the Hardliners and the Tekmercs in more depth than in A Quantum Murder and there are lots of ideas for running Cyberpunk/higher tech espionage games.

There’s a stub review at Wikipedia but this is essentially the blurb from the back of the paperback. The Peter Hamilton Website has more information.

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