My Periods of Interest


I have written an introductory essay on what wargaming is all about. But as it kept growing, I eventually chased it off to its own page - the link is below. Hopefully it will answer any questions you may have if you've never heard of wargaming before. Of course, it's all my own opinion, and I could be wrong ... .

Anyway, I discovered wargaming when I was about eleven or twelve. I had played with toy soldiers for many years before that, but now I was aware of rules!

I was very fortunate that the Tauranga Public Library, at that time, had a rather extensive collection of books on wargaming. So I got to read most of the classic authours of late '70's wargaming - Donald Featherstone, Charles Grant, Tony Bath, C. F. Weissencraft - and discovered, through them and Military Modelling magazine, the joys of the hobby I still follow today.

An Introduction to Wargaming
The mysteries of Toy Soldiers
And the Men who play with them.