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Geant Class Convoy Escort

This ship design originally appeared in the RPG fanzine ‘Grim Reaper’ issue 6, 1983.

USP:CL-8633352-050000-00304-0MCr 304.814 800 Tons
Batteries Bearing121TL 15
Batteries121Crew: 29
Cargo: 82Passengers: 17Fuel: 312EP: 24Agility: 0Low: 0
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel PurificationShipboard Security Detail: 1
Craft: 2 x 40T Pinnace, 1 x 10T Wheeled ATV,1 x 10T Tracked ATV, 1 x Air/raft

General Specifications
Tonnage:800 (Standard). 11,200 cubic metres
Dimensions: 43m Long x 43m Wide x 7m High
Configuration:Flattened Sphere shape
Crew:29; 11 Officers, 18 Ratings
Acceleration:3G Constant
Jump:3 Parsecs
PowerPlant:Type 3. 24 EP. Agility 0
Engineering:One General Products Type PG 478 fusion power plant driving one Canstar H3J
Jump drive and two Karathi-Mychinry FrT-G3 Impulse Manoeuvre Drives.
Gravitics:Ganged Combine-Tolvyk Field Generators with 1G floor field.
Electronics:Julnar Cybernetics Model/5-d computer with manual and integral input Fire control.
Range:Unlimited manoeuvre. One Jump with 240 ton fuel package. 28 days standard supply
consumption. 48 Tons of additional fuel for pinnances. Fuel scoops and hoses and
onboard processor allows the loading and processing of crude hydrogen (or water/ice) for fuel.
Capacity:34 staterooms; up to 17 passengers or 34 troops may be carried. No Low berths.
82 tons of cargo space.
Armament:Four Particle Accelerator turrets, organised into two batteries and two triple missile
rack turrets organised as one battery.
Defences:Two Triple Sandcaster turrets organised as one battery.
Ship’s Boats:Two 40 Ton pinnaces. One air/raft.
Ship’s Vehicles:Two ATVs, usually one tracked and one wheeled.
48 tons of fuel for the pinnaces is included in the main tankage.
Cost:MCr 384.828 (incl. Architects fees of MCr 3.810).
In Quantity: MCr 304.814, plus MCr 40.660 of carried craft.
Construction Time:112 Weeks Singly, 90 Weeks in Quantity.

Designed by the Imperial Navy Design Division, Gamelea Navy Base, and developed in conjunction with Karathi-Mychinry, LIC during the period following the 3rd Outrim War (1025 – 1038).

After the heavy use of commerce raiders by the Outrim Confederation during the 3rd Outrim War, a need was seen for a reasonably fast, well armed, and cheap auxiliary fleet escort. While initially built for military service, it was intended that these vessels would be taken over by the great Merchant Houses to provide escorts for their own convoys, thus releasing Naval assets from convoy duty.

The Geant Class have proved very popular with their high cargo to total tonnage ratio, their speed and their weaponry. The large number of staterooms and the large compliment of vehicles leads to their ready utilisation in deploying small mercenary striker units as an alternative to hauling cargo or protecting other cargo haulers.

Ships in this class are named for mythological creatures of gigantic stature.

Note: This version of the Geant Class Convoy Escort has been put through Andrew Moffatt-Vallance's excellent High Guard Shipyard 1.13 programme to check my twenty-year-old math. The upshot of the check was that I can't be trusted around large numbers without mechanical assistance!

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