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This article originally appeared in the RPG fanzine ‘Grim Reaper’ issue 2, mid-to-late 1982.

Almost all of the character classes in Traveller have undergone some form of upgrading, either in Mercenary, High Guard or Merchants and Merchandise [by Paranoia Press] and now in Scouts and Assassins [also by Paranoia Press]. While Supplement 1 1001 Characters served invaluably (and still does) as a source of pregenerated ‘Basic’ characters/NPCs, there has been (as yet) no similar upgrading/production of a Supplement of ‘Advanced’ characters.

Therefore, I submit a small number of ‘Advanced’ characters for use as PCs or NPCs. These characters are all Scouts, generated using the article ‘Star Patrol’ by Andy Slack from White Dwarf #20. All Scouts are mustered out and aged. All material benefits (except ships) have been converted into cash. All Scouts are considered to have a sidearm of some sort.

Rank: A fluid command system based on ability is used. Pay Grades quoted are similar to enlisted ranks in Mercenary/High Guard and range from G1 to G9.

Speciality: The branch of service entered by the Scout.
Specialities are: Geology, Ecology, Contact, Security, Support and Flight.

Bonuses and Prizes: The only forms of ‘decoration’ a Scout may receive.

1)Retep KrickUPP: 9795A8 Speciality: SupportTOS: 3Grade: 9Age: 30
Height: 6’3”Weight: 205lbs
Colouring: Hair Brown Complexion: Fair Eyes: Blue
Mechanical-1Computer-1Admin-1Electronics-1Fleet tactics-1Pilot-1
Gambling-1Gun Cbt-1 Leader-1Medic-1Carousing-1

A young, dandyish looking man, Retep doesn’t lack energy or drive as can been seen by his rapid promotion to Grade 9 by the age of 30. While friendly, and, apparently, easy going, he is rather exacting and callous. His interests include horticulture, athletics and collecting coins.

A brilliant career in the Scout service was cut short by an air/raft accident, which left him with a permanent limp, and a weakened left leg. Though invalided out of the Scouts, he received a reserve-status scout ships and mustering out pay to the value of Cr30,000.

2)Tonhe BarovUPP: 337979 Speciality: GeologyTOS: 6Grade: 9Age: 42
Science Bonus x 5
Height: 6’5”Weight: 160lbs
Colouring: Hair Blonde Complexion: Fair Eyes: Brown
Vehicle-3Engineering-2Electronics-3Prospecting-1Combat Engineering-1
Computer-2 Fleet Tactics-1 Instruction-1Leader-2J-o-T-1
Zero-G Cbt-1 Gun Cbt-2Pilot-1Admin-1

A tall, thin, mature man, Tonhe has two sides to his character. At times, he is the thoughtless practical joker and becomes harsh and antagonistic, careless of the feelings of others. At other times he becomes moody and withdrawn, softhearted but fanatical all the same. While honourable and energetic, he is not well known for bravery.

An excellent scientist, he has won several Science Prizes for his work in the Geological survey of several newly discovered planets in the Pax Rulin subsector. His mustering out pay was Cr76,000.

3)Petr RanairUPP: 647C37 Speciality: SecurityTOS: 4Grade: 4Age: 34
Science Bonus x 2
Height: 7’0”Weight: 220lbs
Colouring: Hair Black Complexion: Dark Eyes: Brown
Vehicle-1Survival-2Gun Cbt-2Recon-2 Recon-2

A large, heavy set man, mature looking and of sober habit, Petr’s natural curiosity has stood him in good stead. His investigations led to the uncovering of an important Ancient installation on Gerome/Rhylanor. A rather forceful personality, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. While greedy by nature, he is trusting and honourable although tends to be rather vengeful should someone abuse his trust.

His interests include Drugs, Religions and Legends (which helped in his search for the Ancients site on Gerome) and he has won a couple of Science Prizes for his work concerning the Ancients.

His mustering out pay was Cr100,000.

4)Vyvyan TalskUPP: 8887A9 Speciality: FlightTOS: 4Grade: 6Age: 34
Science Prize
Height: 5’8”Weight:138 lbs
Colouring: Hair Brown Complexion: Fair Eyes: Blue
Vacc Suit-3Ships Boat-1Hunting-1Admin-3Pilot-2
Computer-1Zero-G Combat-1

A tall, mature woman, Vyvyan is modest and optimistic by nature. Forgiving and of sober habit, she becomes very talkative concerning her interests in life – History, Religions, Politics. She also enjoys fishing.

Her work with the Spatial Phenomena Investigation Branch exploring and mapping the Pax Rulin and Egyrn subsectors has earned her a Science Prize. Her mustering out pay was Cr71,000.

Final Note:
From memory, the characters’ colouration and personality quirks were rolled up on a series of NPC characterisation tables in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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