Figures and Rules
Ground Zero Games Makers of fine Science Fiction figures in 6mm, 15mm and 25mm scales, plus an excellent range of starships, plus the publishers of the rules Full Thrust and Dirtside II, available as free downloads, and Stargrunt II.
Brigade Models Brigade Models make starships, 6mm and 15mm military vehicles, an extensive range of airships for Aeronef, as well as stock rules.
Essex Miniatures Makers of fine historical and fantasy miniatures in 15mm and 25mm scales. I have several armies made from these figures. Don't like their new website, though.
Far Future Enterprises Marc Miller's website and home of Traveller rules and supplements. An extensive range of 15mm Fantasy and Science Fiction figures, plus some 6mm Science Fiction, 15mm American Civil War, Napoleonics, Dark Ages and Medieval figures.
Baccus 6mm A large range of historical, Fantasy and now Science Fiction 6mm figures and vehicles. Produce Command Horizon science fiction brigade level rules.
Langton Miniatures Excellent ranges of Ancients, Renaissance, Anglo-Dutch Wars and Napoleonic Wars ships and naval accesories. Also publishes the rules Naumachiae, Serenissima, and Hoist the Signal for Close Action
Eureka Miniatures Stockists of a number of lines of miniatures in a number of scales, as well as producing their own lines of figures.
Skytrex Extensive range of ships and 1/300th, 15mm and 20mm armour and vehicles.
Navwar A huge range of ships and accessories from Ancients to Moderns. One of the few manufacturers of toy soldiers to have a website, a PDF catalogue, and no on-line ordering or e-mail. Orders by phone, snail mail or fax.
Wargames Research Group publications An old price list (2004) but has the contact e-mail address for The Keep who handle sales of WRG publications.
Flashpoint Miniatures Produce Flashpoint Vietnam rules and figures and figures for Mogadishu. Flashpoint Miniatures seem to have closed down - 01/08/08
Battlefront Producers of Flames of War rules and figures.
The Perfect Captain Home of the 'Spanish Fury' Renaissance game system
Battlefleet Gothic Games Workshop On-line store for Battlefleet Gothic material - the rules are now free.
Osprey Publishers of a huge range of uniform and organisation books.
Warflute Discussion forum for Armati by Art Conliffe.

Renaissance Flags and Uniform Links
Alex's Flags A Collection of flags and banners from the Late Medieval through to the Thirty Years War Period. May need re-sizing for 15mm.
Condottieri di Ventura Italian Language site on the battles and personalities of the Italian Wars from the 1300s to 1550
Corsairs of the Mediterranian Italian Language site on, well, Corsairs
European Heraldry Site European Heraldry site - can be searched by country or region - French language
Gallica French language site that has historical material from the C16th onwards
Great Northern Wars Website Dan Schorr's website, includes links to other sites with info on the Northern Wars of the C17th - English, from Swedish, Polish and Russian sources
The Mary Rose Discoveries made on Henry VIII's famous ship. Insight into Renaissance England
Medieval DBR Conversions of Medieval DBM lists into DBR armies, plus some suggested rules mods (probably for Ver 1 or 1.1 or DBR)
My Armoury Articles on swords and armour plus several chapters from George Gush's book 'Renaissance Armies'.
Polish Renaissance Warfare English Language site on the Polish armies of the Renaissance
Spanish Tercios English language site on Spanish Tercios from 1525 - 1704
Swedish History and Wargaming While mainly focused on the Napoleonic period, there's a very interesting article on the Danish/Swedish War of 1520
The Sealed Knot UK ECW re-enactment group - has uniform information for a number of ECW units
Thirty Years War History Site Interesting overview of the history of the war, plus a number of links
The Venetian Army of the C17th Century Article on, and flags of, the Venetian Army of the C17th - English and Italian language
Warflag Good source for wargames flags
The Wars of Karl IX Early C17th Sweden

Wargames Clubs and Societies
Auckland Wargames Club The good 'ole AWC has been around forever. I don't get along very often but I try and support their perrenial bring-and-buys. I first saw people playing Full Thrust at an AWC meeting which got me hooked.
North Shore Wargames Club The 'north of the bridge' crew. A hotbed of Renaissance wargaming and hosts of the the Push of Pike Renaissance convention.
South Auckland Wargames Club Some members play DBR and come north for games.
The City Guard Central Auckland City club, heavily into Warhammer type games and some Flames of War.
The Pike and Shot Society A link to the Pike and Shot Society homepage