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Phalon GEVs from Ground Zero GamesMy friend Chris sent me three Phalon GEVs from Ground Zero Games after I wondered if the 25mm Phalon vehicles would work with 15mm figures. L to R: Combat Wombat 15mm ATV, GZG 25mm Phalon Scout Pod, GZG 15mm Phalons (unpainted), 25mm Phalon Light Assault TankThe Light Assault Tank and the Armoured Personnel Carrier are quite large vehicles, but the scout pod was a good match, size-wise with an ATV I had purchased from Combat Wombat.

When I started painting up the vehicles, I had not considered any special basing for them, and had pretty much decided that the Phalon Scout Pod would be finished as is.

Games Workshop Large Flying Base and sprueIt was while painting the Light Assault Tank and the Armoured Personnel Carrier (which I've decided to use as an Infantry Combat Vehicle) that I hit on the idea of actually 'flying' these two vehicles.

Bases undercoated then covered with sand - sprue not painted While clearing up some of the clutter in my office, I finally found my missing bag of large Games Workshop flight stands. Also in the bag were dozens of bits of clear plastic sprue, which I hoard as you never know when you might need some sprue. And so the idea began to take shape.

First up, I glued four bits of sprue to each of two bases in a rough square formation. I then undercoated the bases in black undercoat, though not the pieces of sprue. When the paint dryed, I then coated the bases in diluted PVA glueBases flocked (a white glue used for sticking wood, paper, etc) and dusted with coarse sand. The sand was then painted black and then given a top coat of Tamiya XF-67 Nato Green.

Once everything had pretty much dried, I put on a second coat of dilute PVA and then flocked the bases. By slapping a bit of PVA over any paint spots on the sprue, and then applying some of my chipped foam bush material, I was able to further disguise the sprue.

The almost-completed vehicles sit nicely on top of the sprues and the base pretty much disappears under the skirt. When completed, the vehicles will be glued in place.

Vehicle on base Vehicle on base

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