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Kra'Vak Hunter Group. Figures by Ground Zero Games

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the Internet. This is the place where I write about my hobbies (wargaming and model making) and other stuff, and show off some of my hobby-related photos.

As this website is a work in progress, things may change for no apparent reason. Please do not be alarmed.

Firstly, a little about myself. I live in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand, with my wife and daughter. Even though Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, from where I'm typing this, I can see the leaves on the vines of the local winery turning from green to gold and russet. Autumn has finally arrived. Thirty minutes east of me is the heart of the city, two minutes west of me is the country side, and just over the hill is the bush of the Waitakeres.

Not a bad place to live at all. (June 2007)

The author, 2007, as photographed by his eight year old daughter

The author, February 2007, as photographed by his eight year old daughter.

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