The Uplift War

By David Brin
Bantam Books 1987/Orbit 1996
ISBN 1 85723 371 9

This is the third volume in David Brin’s ‘Uplift’ series and, as may be gathered from the title, events in the Five Galaxies are hotting up.

Somewhere across the galaxy, the Dolphin-crewed starship, ‘Streaker’ (last seen in ‘Startide Rising’) is still evading the Galactics with its strange cargo that may have come from the ancient fleet of the Progenitors. Meanwhile, on the Terran-settled world of Garth, the Gubru, one of the more powerful Galactic races, have moved in to seize the planet.

Robert Oneagle, son of the Planetary Co-ordinator, finds himself trying to lead a guerrilla war against the Gubru with only the assistance of a few loyal Uplifted Chimpanzees and the daughter of the Tymbrimi ambassador.

Meanwhile, the Gubru are attempting to augment their leadership and decision making by bringing forth a new leader-triad from amongst their occupying forces, as well as subtlety damaging the Terrans’ cause by depriving them of their clients, the Chimpanzees.

Brin offers some fascinating insights into the Gubru and how their society works, as well as revealing more about the vast Galactic civilization that the Terrans are trying to join as equal partners. During the course of the book we learn more about the prankish Tymbrimi and the dour, but honourable Thennanins, and the important place the ancient institutions play in Galactic Society.

There’s a short review on Wikipedia with links to sites covering the mentioned races from the series.

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