Orion Arm

The Rampart Worlds: Book 2
By Julian May
Voyager 1999
ISBN 0 00 224714 3

The second volume of the Rampart Worlds trilogy.

The battle between Helly Frost, anti-establishment son of the President of Rampart Starcorp, and Alistair Drummond, boss of Galapharma AC, continues as the alien Haluk plot to invade the Perseus Spur.

In this instalment, we learn more about the Qastt, a rather endearing race of miniature privateers, who prove both annoying and resourceful. Like the preceding volume in the series, ‘Orion Arm’ rattles along with dangers and escapes and high-tech skulduggery. The Dallas references include an attempted bombing of the family ranch house, a chase across the Arizona wilderness and a climatic confrontation at an old abandoned mine.

All good fun, and rather Traveller-ish, which is probably why I enjoyed it.

But then, others didn’t. There’s a rather septic review here.

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